Grace Regan – SpiceBox – Taking the food industry by storm and redefining our perceptions of Indian Cuisine


Tech Food & Plant-based Enthusiast Grace Regan is the founder and owner of SpiceBox. Her mission is simple – ‘Use food to build a healthier future for the planet and its population’, a mantra which pulled at Feedr’s heartstrings, and we knew a great partnership would be on the table.

Grace is no stranger to business, jumping into the start up industry straight right after university, she didn’t go unnoticed. Grace was placed on the 15 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2015 and SpiceBox, her latest venture, has certainly delivered on expectations. Growing up cooking Indian food, Grace has managed to combine the nation’s favourite cuisine with our desire to eat healthily. Spicebox manages to deliver all the flavours and aromas of our favourite Indian takeaways with half the calories, no animal fats or sugar and is completely pulse and plant-based.


If the health benefits aren’t enough to draw you in, the packaging is entirely biodegradable making a SpiceBox lunch box good for you and good for the planet! This innovative fresh concept has taken the fast food industry by storm, with its dishes receiving rave reviews in Time Out. But most importantly it got the thumbs up from us!


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